Cosmetics Europe Conference 2014

Cosmetics at the Crossroads of Science and Regulation

10 – 11 June 2014

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Organised by Cosmetics Europe, the Scientific Conference “Cosmetics at the Crossroads of Science and Regulation” took place in Brussels on 10-11 June, followed by the General Assembly on 12-13 June. Both events brought together Cosmetics Europe members, corporate entities, trade organisations, regulators and industry leaders from around the world to look at critical developments that could directly impact cosmetics legislation across the value chain.

Through in-depth presentations and interactive breakout sessions, participants examined issues impacting cosmetics legislation such as:

  • Trends and challenges in safety assessment and regulation for cosmetics
  • Public-private partnership in research for alternative methods to Animal Testing
  • The EU Cosmetics Regulation and future developments
  • Legal responsibilities in the value chain

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